How to Fill Out Common Resume Sections

In our previous video we tackled some of the bigger-picture questions such as “should I include a summary or statement?” and “is it ok to use a template?” Now we focus on constructing each individual section of a standard, chronological resume. Find out whether or not to include your GPA, where to place your education section, what to exclude from your contact information, and more!

Common Resume Sections

Which of the following is a common resume format?
Which of the following is NOT one of the standard resume sections mentioned in the video?
Which of these is NOT something to include in the contact information section?
What is a Resume Summary?
Which of the following should be present in your Resume Summary?
When listing your Work Experience entries, which of these is NOT required?
In the following Work Experience bullet point, what is one thing the candidate forgot to do? “Managed concept-to-launch of commercial banking front-end solution enabling real-time monitoring of online customer transactions. Top selling product has generated more revenue for the company than any other since its 2013 launch”
Under what circumstance should the Education section be placed above the Work Experience section?
You should include your GPA on your resume if:
In the skills section, you can list both your “hard” and “soft” skills: